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The Champion Selection

This super satin ribbon looks fantastic in this loose box pleat rosette.Choose your rosette, then yo..

Prices from 72p

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00

The TRA Selection

The traditional  box pleat rosette.Still the most popular rosette on the market, this classic d..

Prices from 79p

£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

The Prestfield Selection

The traditional knife pleat rosette, like the box pleat has stood the test of time and is still a fi..

Prices from 79p

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00

The York Selection

The crossover featuring both knife and box pleat in the same rosette. Try it for a dynamic new look!..

Prices from £1.12

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00

The Olympic Selection

This box pleat rosette is made very distinctive by gold or silver edged ribbon on the outer edge tie..

Prices from 84p

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00

The Diamond Selection

This Range Of Diamond Shaped Rosettes Is Perfect For Customers Seeking Something A Bit Differen..

Prices from 84p

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00

The Regent Selection

Made From One And A Half Inch Gold Or Silver Edged Super Satin And One And A Half Inch Super Satin R..

Prices from 96p

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00

The Blaze Selection

A Unique Ribbon Produced With A Gold And Silver Band In A Box Pleat, Gives A Spectacular Effect! Cli..

Prices from £1.16

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00

The Combination Selection

The Combination Of Different Widths Of Ribbon Pleated Together Makes This A Very Attractive Rosette...

Prices from £1.02

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00

The Grand Selection

Make a HUGE impression with these large rosettes!Centre size 122mm - Full colour digital.Choose your..

Prices from £5.25

£5.00 Ex Tax: £4.17

The Pom Pom Selection

A Rosette Which Can Be Used For Any Occasion. The Craftsmanship Shines Through The Bespoke Pom Pom. ..

Prices from £1.31

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00

The Exclusive Cone Selection

Rosettes Direct Offer Individually Hand Made Cone And Concertina Rosettes.These Are Fabulous Champio..

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00

The Designer Selection

A Magnificent Selection Of Designer Rosettes. Click on the images above to view a gallery of style c..

£11,998.80 Ex Tax: £9,999.00